For Casper Oliver, All Roads Led to Christ

by Sheryl Young

Before graduating this past May, Casper Oliver was a member and student president of the Ratio Christi Chapter at Richard Stockton College of Southern New Jersey. He has received our Legatus Christi Certificate, which goes to students demonstrating an outstanding ability to express and explain their faith through apologetics.

But Oliver will be the first to tell you, this is one of those stories where God can take a crooked path and make it straight.

“I was living like I wanted. I was a womanizer and you name it, many other things, trying to fill a hole in my heart. But in college I had a Christian roommate who invited me to Stockton Christian Fellowship. They held Bible studies and church services on campus. I’d actually studied Christianity for five years, but I also used to go to the Muslim and Buddhist clubs.”

He became very involved with Stockton Christian Fellowship. Two years after beginning to go to the club, the group went on a mission trip to the Bahamas.

“That was where I truly found the Lord and was baptized. But a friend asked me questions on morality and the problem of evil that I couldn’t answer. The people at Stockton Christian Fellowship knew of Ratio Christi getting started on campus, and another student mentioned it to me in a Bible study. So I went to a meeting. I didn’t even know what apologetics was before finding RC.”

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Oliver had been very skeptical about fully embracing the Christian faith, but found through Ratio Christi that he could have logical reasons to believe.
“I became consumed with God from morning till night and really fell in love with Him.”

Q: Accepting Christ and becoming fully committed eventually led to a very exciting event in your life — tell us about that.

A: I read the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan and ended up sending it to seven other people. Then I watched Chan’s sermon, “Think Hard, Stay Humble.” I fell on my knees to pray for my father’s salvation. He had only previously studied with Jehovah’s Witnesses, but I took him to church around one Easter. At one point, he told me, “Don’t ever invite me to a Bible study again.” But then, through my visible witness and being able to tell him how to start thinking of the Christian faith in terms of apologetics, my father did accept Christ as his Savior. I even participated in baptizing him, and now we watch Francis Chan together!

Q: What did you think of being recognized with the Legatus Christi Certificate?

A: In my desire to help other students learn about this Christian faith, I got really busy trying to stay with both Ratio Christi and Stockton Christian Fellowship. I was the president of the RC chapter for one semester, but it was really hard to do everything. I even ended up having to do my homework for finals at a Ratio Christi meeting just before graduating.

I remember that our chapter director Keith Kendrex had asked if I was going to be at the meeting on that particular day. So I took my homework with me. While I was doing it, Keith was explaining the requirements for a student to receive the Legatus Christi certificate…


For Casper Oliver, All Roads Led to Christ | Ratio Christi