Book Review: Navigating Genesis

by Luke Nix


I was introduced to astrophysicist Dr. Hugh Ross (president of Reasons to Believe) in the early 90’s but did not really begin investigating his model of origins until the mid 2000’s when my view of origins and my Christian worldview was beginning to be challenged by observations of scientists in many different disciplines. I was hit by the higher critics who wished to interpret Genesis in a metaphorical (and not historical) light. Some of their points seemed valid, but others were questionable. I found Dr. Ross’ approach of integrating all of Scripture with all the sciences quite intellectually attractive. It offered the possibility to reconcile the findings of modern science and the research of the higher critics with the Genesis accounts. However, before I was willing to change my view of origins from young-earth (universe is 6,000 – 10,000 years old), despite the observational evidence, I had to see a proper interpretive treatment of the Genesis accounts of creation that recognized them as historical events, granted the poetic writing style, understood the ancient cultural context, and consistently preserved all the essentials of Christian theology (including original sin and Christ’s atonement). All those requirements have been satisfied, and “Navigating Genesis: A Scientist’s Journey Through Genesis 1-11” (paperback, Kindle, GoodReads, Small Group Study) shows how it is accomplished through a careful examination of the Genesis accounts.

This review is a chapter-by-chapter summary, so it is lengthy. But it will give the reader a taste of the range of content in the book. This review, by no means, is a substitute for reading the book as it contains much more content in higher detail than what I have presented here.

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Chapter 1- Personal Journey
The first eleven chapters of the Bible are often the target of ridicule and used as evidence that the scripture is not historically accurate. Dr. Ross has found otherwise. He explains that even though many of the events recorded in scripture have not left marks in nature that can be scientifically tested, the events recorded in the Genesis 1-11, by their nature, will leave such evidence. This provides a unique opportunity to use the first chapters of scripture to test for the Bible’s claim that it was inspired by the Creator of the universe.

Dr. Ross gives the reader a quick overview of his own journey of investigation that began with his studies in astronomy at a young age. His understanding of Big Bang cosmology led him to the conclusion that the universe had to have a beginner. He wanted to know if this creator had communicated to man via any of the “holy” books of history, so he investigated the claims about creation of each book against the established scientific record. He found that not only was the first 11 chapters of Genesis accurate in all it claimed, but its level of recorded detail was well beyond what could be explained by strictly human authorship. Dr. Ross’ goal in this book is to take the reader through his journey of investigation through the first chapters of Genesis that led him to surrender his life to the Creator of the universe through Jesus Christ…


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