Speaking the Truth, Showing the Truth

by Mark A. Taylor

My eye fell on a small tract, propped against the mirror on the shelf above the sink in the public restroom I was using. “Where Will You Spend Eternity?” the leaflet asked. And I remembered my own tract-distributing phase many decades ago.

On one occasion, with fevered prayers, I had slipped a salvation tract into the magazine pocket behind the airplane seat in front of me. I didn’t think to strike up a conversation with the person sitting beside me, or to save the tract till I had built a strong relationship with a nonbeliever who would want to talk with me about God.

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Ben Cachiaras mentioned he had once been assigned in a seminary class to go door-to-door distributing tracts. “I’m not sure I would advocate that today,” he said. Instead, as he explained in last month’s Beyond the Standard online interview, he challenges Christians to “engage the culture with love and selfless deeds.”

The program’s theme was not evangelism, but apologetics. But we soon came to the evangelistic potential and purpose of apologetics, whose desired end is pointing people to God—not winning arguments or convincing ourselves that our positions are correct.

Cachiaras mentioned four “longings” he believes are present among many in our world today…


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