Why Should I Believe that God Exists? Part Two

by Mark McCartney

Q: OK, so why do you have two parts to your answer?

A: My answer is “there are laws.” There are the laws of nature we discussed in part one; but there are also moral laws.

Q: But scientists and philosophers have explanations for those, don’t they? So maybe moral laws are just rules that humans impose on each other to promote the survival of our species. Or maybe evolution favours animals that help one another. So, maybe we have evolved to feel sympathy for each other. Isn’t it possible that moral rules are just the rules that would best satisfy feelings like compassion?

A:  At most that would tell us why there are moral feelings. But the question is: “why are there moral rules” or “why are there moral laws”.

Q: What’s the difference?

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A: Suppose a scientist explains why we feel that we should be considerate and helpful; would that mean that we could stop being considerate and helpful?

Q: No. I like being helpful…

A: Yes, but why ought you help others rather than yourself? Why should you try to be selfless? Why is it wrong to neglect these rules? If our moral feelings are the outcome of a blind meaningless process like evolution, we can safely and rationally ignore them.  But the moral rules seem  binding and inescapable.

Q: How does God help?

A: The existence of God would explain why it isn’t safe or rational to ignore the rules. If God created us we live in a moral universe. It would be irrational and dangerous to ignore the rules laid down by the one who made us. And there’s more…


Why Should I Believe that God Exists? Part Two – Saints and Sceptics