Why Should I Believe that God Exists?

by Mark McCartney

Q: Why Should I Believe that God Exists?

A: I can give you a three word answer: “there are laws”.

Q: Can you clarify that a bit?

A: OK, but that will require more than three words. There are laws of nature; there are laws of morality; therefore, I expect a law giver. Let’s begin with the laws of nature.

Q: Fair enough. How do you get from the laws of nature to God’s existence. There aren’t really laws of nature, are there? I mean to say, there isn’t a “Big Rule Book of the Universe” hidden away in a Black Hole somewhere with all these rules written down. Isn’t the phrase “laws of nature” just a figure of speech?

A: True, the laws aren’t human laws, but I’m not inferring to a human law maker. I’m saying the universe behaves as if it was governed by rules and that’s best explained by the activity of a rational creator.

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Q: So what are the laws of nature?

A: The laws of nature are just mathematical descriptions of the way physical things behave. It’s interesting that the universe behaves in a predictable, constant manner and that we can use mathematics to predict how the universe will behave!

Q: Why is that interesting?

A: It didn’t have to be this way. The universe could have been a sea of chaos; an atomless, patternless, ever-changing pandemonium.  It’s easier to produce a mess than it is to produce order; there are many, many more ways for things to be chaotic than there are to be organised.  So it is inconceivably improbable that the universe is ordered by chance.

Q: But if the universe wasn’t ordered we wouldn’t be here asking the question “why is our universe so ordered?”, would we?


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