Meet Jackson Turner, the “Backbone” of his RC Chapter

by Sheryl Young

Ratio Christi’s chapter at the University of Georgia (UGA) is sending a graduate off to law school as another ambassador for Christ. Jackson Turner was recently recognized with RC’s Legatus Christi certificate for his grasp on Christian apologetics and the way it can be used to reach more people.

“I really feel like I truly hadn’t earned it yet,” Turner says of his surprise in being presented with the certificate. “I look upon that award less as a complete achievement and more as a goal for me to reach and a responsibility and duty to continue.”

But Chapter Director Jason Wisdom (pictured with Turner) feels Turner was very worthy of the acknowledgment.

“Jackson was the backbone of Ratio Christi at UGA in the 2013-14 school year,” Wisdom states. “He planned meetings, invited Christian and non/Christian friends, shared his testimony, led discussions, and gave presentations. Jackson is unmistakably passionate about defending the faith. You only have to talk to him for a minute to figure that out. He can tackle a wide variety of questions and offer an abundance of evidence for the Christian faith. He has an apologist’s heart.”

The Legatus Christi doesn’t just reward the application of apologetics within one’s witness, Wisdom explains. These students are also expected to be able to teach others:

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“Jackson showed that he also has a heart for training others. He insisted that the group focus on equipping people over drawing a big crowd. The result, of course, was that the whole group gained a tremendous amount of respect for Jackson. He left a huge impact on the group. For these reasons, Jackson was an ideal candidate for the Legatus Christi award.”

This is one of RC’s exponential goals through recognizing students in this manner – the student becomes a conversational evangelist using apologetics (logic and evidence) to undergird the gospel, and then in turn is inspired to teach others to defend truth and Christianity in this way.

We learned more about Turner in a recent Q&A session.

Q: When did you accept Jesus as your Savior?

A: It was ​toward the end of high school. I was raised in church and went to youth groups and did Christian things – but I had a deep resentment in my heart against God because my father died from a heart attack when I was 10. I went through the motions of Christianity without actually trusting God and wanting to be in a relationship with Him. But after learning some facts and figures about the Christian faith through apologetics, I saw how foolish my rage actually was in light of God’s truth, I decided to give up the struggle.

Q: How much did you learn about Christianity and reasons to believe in your youth group?

A: I learned a lot about the faith itself, but very little about how it made sense or fit a logical pattern. It was all about emotion, about spiritual highs or trying to get kids to behave morally, ethically. Little to no time was invested in explaining the faith in such a way that a skeptic or nonbeliever would understand it…


Meet Jackson Turner, the “Backbone” of his RC Chapter | Ratio Christi