Something for Everyone! Announcing RC’s Annual Banquet, Symposium, and Student Retreat

by Sheryl Young

FOR THE FOURTH YEAR, Ratio Christi is holding an exciting event for both students and adults – members and non-members.  On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 10-12, 2014, we’ll have a series of events to choose from. Join us at the Heritage International Ministries Conference Retreat Center in Fort Mill, South Carolina (very close to Charlotte, North Carolina).

“For students, parents, teachers, campus ministries, concerned citizens, pastors, and church members – anyone interested in how they can implement apologetics in their community or how Ratio Christi can help you, now is the time to sign up and attend.”– Blake Anderson, Ratio Christi COO

The Saturday night Benefit Banquet with keynote speaker Josh McDowell (pictured) is open to anyone and everyone! If you can’t attend the whole weekend Symposium or Student retreat please join us, get equipped, and learn how you can join the apologetics movement. McDowell is author of such best-sellers as the Evidence that Demands a Verdict series and More Than a Carpenter, the latter which has sold over 15 million copies. McDowell, a former agnostic, realized during his college years that he could no longer refute the overwhelming evidence for the truth of the Bible and Christ’s resurrection. He is considered a pioneer of the apologetics movement. We look forward to hearing his challenge: Keep bringing apologetics to college campuses!

In Conjunction with the National Conference on Christian Apologetics:

Everyone has the option of attending the highly recommended National Conference on Christian Apologetics hosted by Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES) on October 10-11 (all day Friday and Saturday). SES is one of Ratio Christi’s partners and will host a star lineup of Christian thinkers in this year’s conference, Defending a Never Changing Faith in an Ever Changing World. The weekend of great apologetics training and fellowship will be extended by the Ratio Christi Symposium & Student Retreat. The SES conference and Ratio Christi events can be purchased in one package including accommodations and food. 

For College-level Students and High School Juniors and Seniors:

The Ratio Christi Student Retreat begins at noon on Saturday through Sunday at 4pm and will be a weekend both serious and fun. Instead of having a potpourri of lectures, each student will pre-select an area of concentrated study to pursue throughout the weekend. Choose from Science (biology & genetics), Philosophy, New Testament, or General Apologetics. Each group will have expert faculty mentors who will remain with their specific student group throughout the weekend as teachers, trainers, and friends. This will be a special time of learning, fellowship, and one-on-one interaction with some of the top scholars in their respective fields. Learn to express, explain and defend Christianity in terms of history, science, and philosophy, in order to be able to tell friends who don’t believe in scripture that “Christianity IS Reasonable.”

The Student Retreat also includes an afternoon of heart-pounding white water rafting and other outdoor activities at the U.S. National Whitewater Center. The retreat is not only for current Ratio Christi students, but any college-level students and high school juniors or seniors interested in learning more about defending and presenting their faith.

This is a package that includes all the meals, lodging, training, and activities for one price. See more information and register here.

Symposium (non-students):

Not only for Ratio Christi leadership! We invite other campus ministry staff and leaders, pastors, school faculty, clergy, and lay people wanting to learn how to get involved in the apologetics movement with us. You’ll also be inspired to learn how apologetics can help solidify your biblical beliefs and the individual faith of the young people you care about. The theme is Together, We Can Accomplish More for His Glory.

In addition to equipping for campus ministry leaders, there will be sessions focused specifically on implementation of apologetics into (a) churches, (b) youth groups, (c) families, (d) schools, and (e) other ministry settings. Join us for a panel discussion with leaders from other national university ministries or attend workshops geared to your unique sphere of influence. Also listen, in person, to an atheist share with this gathering of apologists.

The Symposium package includes all the meals, lodging, and unique training for one price. We hope to see you there. See more information and register here.

Being prepared to provide a defense of the faith is something that the Bible commands us all to do and it’s something that the church is lacking. Christianity is commonly being thought of as superstitious and mere wishful thinking. Let us turn that thinking upside down, remembering that the God we serve is the living God and before the end of this world, the truth of Christianity will penetrate every tribe, tongue, and nation.Ryan Scarbel, Ratio Christi student who accepted Christ through apologetics.

(Originally posted at Ratio Christi)