The Truth Revolves Around One “Grand Central Question”

By John Stonestreet

So many worldviews. So narrow a path to the truth. But when you get right down to it, the truth revolves around one grand, central question: Is Jesus Christ Who He says He is? Answer that correctly and all other questions are moot. During this week’s broadcast, John Stonestreet welcomes apologist Abdu Murray, whose journey from Islam to Christianity illustrates that point.

Abdu is co-founder and president of Embrace the Truth International, an apologetics ministry offering the truth of the Gospel to Muslims, Jews, cult members and skeptics alike. He’s also the author of a powerful book that tells the story of his journey from Islam to Christianity, called, Grand Central Question: Answering the Critical Concerns of the Major Worldviews.

The book’s title was inspired by his apologetics work around the world. Murray says the open forums he hosted became predictable in a fascinating way. No matter what the religion or belief system, a consistent pattern emerged in conversation. Whether the worldview in question was Islam, Hinduism, Judaism or secular humanism, each revolved around and attempted to answer a central question.

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“…so I started to think to myself, ‘these worldviews try to answer so many questions, and rightfully so…But they all tend to center on a grand, central question that they claim to answer better than other worldviews do. And that provides meaning and purpose and a sense of fulfillment to those who hold to those worldviews.”

Recognizing this pattern, says Murray, he realized that apologetics doesn’t have to be as intimidating as many Christians assume.

“I think Christians sometimes get paralyzed into not reaching out,” he says, “because they think you have to know everything about every worldview. And you don’t. You just need to know a couple of things and maybe even a central question and how the Gospel relates to it.”

This works because the questions that all other worldviews ask are legitimate and good questions. “Why is there evil and suffering in the world?” “What is the purpose of life?” “How can we give human existence meaning?” All of these questions find emphasis in one belief system or another. And Christianity, argues Murray, ultimately has the correct answers to all of them.

Of course, he has intimate experience with answering the grand, central question of one faith in particular…


BreakPoint This Week: Grand Central Question