Why I wrote ‘Jesus on Trial’

David Limbaugh explains ‘providential promptings’ that led to his latest book

In case you haven’t heard, despite all the noise we’ve been trying to make about it, I have a new book out, Jesus on Trial: A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Gospel, and I’m excited about it.

It is on Christian apologetics, which means it defends the Christian faith and its truth claims, but it also includes my personal journey from skeptic to believer and a discussion of basic Christian doctrine. What good is it to believe that Christianity is true if you don’t have some idea what it stands for?

Why would I, a lawyer and political columnist, change course in this book and write about religion instead of politics? Well, to be honest, I wasn’t sure I should write about this subject when I first considered the idea, because I wasn’t sure that as a layman, I had the required credentials to undertake such a task.

Yes, I’ve studied the Bible, theology and Christian apologetics on and off for many years, and I’ve taken a few seminary courses, but I have no degrees in this field. So why should anyone listen to me?

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A combination of factors ultimately led to my decision to go forward with this project. First, a couple of close high-school friends of mine challenged me to defend the reasonableness of the Christian faith at our annual dinner reunion, and I don’t believe I did a very good job acquitting myself when put on the spot like that. Despite all my study, I wasn’t prepared and fully armed to answer their questions.

Within less than a week, as luck – or God – would have it, my publisher asked me to consider writing a book defending the Christian faith. The people there thought it would be fascinating for a lawyer to apply his analytical skills to examining Christianity’s truth claims.

It occurred to me that I might be receiving some providential promptings to write this book. It certainly seemed to be a bizarre coincidence that these two events had happened in such close proximity.

I also figured that although I don’t have formal training, I might be in a better position to reach some skeptics because I understand their doubts, having been a skeptic for years myself.


Why I wrote ‘Jesus on Trial’