Chris Korcsmaros, Shepherd University’s “Pied Piper for Christ”!

by Sheryl Young

Our latest Legatus Christi recipient comes to us from the Ratio Christi chapter at Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. Chris Korcsmaros has demonstrated a keen talent and appetite for Christian apologetics and has put them to work on the college campus and elsewhere. He served as his RC chapter’s founding president and later as treasurer.

Now preparing to begin doctoral work, Korcsmaros is so fond of Ratio Christi that he says “I plan to become a professor and start a Ratio Christi chapter wherever I end up teaching.”

Korcsmaros’ Chapter Director, Joshua Alexander, vouches for his student with glowing commendations, and you’ll see where we got our “Pied Piper” reference!

“Chris has been instrumental in leading five people to Christ using apologetics to establish the truth of Christianity. In fact, when Chris was awarded the McMurran Scholar Award at Shepherd (our highest academic honor), the professor giving the oral citation specifically mentioned overhearing Chris sharing these things with others. He has devoted himself to learning how to address a spectrum of apologetics issues, ranging from the existence of God to defending the resurrection to the reliability of the Bible to abortion.

Not only does Chris love learning, he will teach anyone else who wants to learn – and sometimes those who don’t want to! He went on a mission trip one Spring Break, and by the end he had taught some of Greg Koukl’s “Tactics” and the case for the resurrection to several other Christians on the trip. Since graduating, he has taught apologetics to dozens at his church through an apologetics Sunday School class he created.

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When I think of Chris I think of someone who doesn’t just care about being right but who has a heart for the truth, for making his life line up with the truth, and for sharing the truth with others. Praise God!”

Here’s more of the insight Korcsmaros gave us during a recent Q&A interview:

Q: You accepted Christ in high school; how did that come about?

A: I attended a Christian high school. I knew that a meaningless life was not worth living and that a meaning that was not based in truth was no meaning at all. [Although] we weren’t really learning anything about the reasons to believe our faith (we only covered apologetics for roughly one day of instruction), the obvious choice was Jesus – the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Q: How has learning apologetics enriched your life, your own faith & your witness to others in how you apply it?

A: I think I can say honestly that apologetics was a large part in convincing me to follow Christ. I was “saved” early, but I did not realize that all those things in the Bible were more than neat little stories. When I understood that they were true accounts, I understood my purpose – to share this ultimate truth with everyone I could.

I utilize what I have learned in RC literally daily…


Chris Korcsmaros, Shepherd University’s “Pied Piper for Christ”! | Ratio Christi