Beware of the Perfect Storm

by David Limbaugh

I’ve always felt as if I’ve known renowned Christian apologist Josh McDowell through his many excellent books, but I finally got to meet him in the flesh, and what a blessing it was.

As I mention in my latest book, Jesus on Trial, I read his book Evidence That Demands a Verdict many years ago as I was seeking God and was impressed by his comprehensive treatment of so many issues that trouble skeptics.

He is nothing if not thorough; he leaves no stones unturned in his exhaustive presentation of numerous topics concerning the authenticity of Christianity’s truth claims.

Josh was the keynote speaker Saturday night for an event sponsored by Ratio Christi, a group that organizes student clubs on college campuses across the nation to present the Gospel and evidence for the Christian faith to other students. It’s an amazing organization that is doing great work in combating the monolithic secular message emanating from so many of our universities and our culture.

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I didn’t know what Josh would be discussing, but I assumed it would be some distilled form of his works on Christian apologetics, and I was looking forward to it. But he surprised me.

He presented material that I hadn’t read much about before, at least not in the way he framed it. He talked about three cultural changes that have created a “perfect storm” that threatens the church and the Christian worldview in our society: an epistemological shift that is undermining the very concept of truth, especially biblical truth, in our culture; an explosion of information via the Internet that is competing for everyone’s attention, particularly our children’s; and rampant pornography, which is frighteningly accessible to everyone over the Internet, including kids at a younger and younger age.

The epistemological shift is readily apparent to anyone keeping tabs on the culture and academia — and, sadly, for anyone who engages in conversations with people who have been affected by it…


Beware of the Perfect Storm – David Limbaugh