Is it possible to be a scientist and a Christian at the same time?

by Tassos Lycurgo

Most of the leading scientists of all time were Christians. Amazingly enough, only few people know that. In the universities I go to deliver talks and lectures, It’s very common for me to get questions like: “Is it possible for someone to be a scientist and a Christian at the same time?” Or even more troubling, some students ask questions as the following: “If Christianity is true, why are scientists atheists?”

Because of the atheistic ideology we have in schools and universities in nowadays, it is understandable that many young people do not know that being a Christian was and is the norm when it comes to the greatest scientists in the history of mankind.

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To clarify this, our goal in today’s chat will be to list Christian scientists in key areas of natural sciences, remembering that I will select only those that I believe were central to the development of these areas of knowledge.

As it would be too boring to describe here in detail what each of these scientist did to his field of expertise, I’ll write just the basics and put the link on each name to the corresponding entry in Wikipedia.

If you do not consider Wikipedia a good source of information, remember that you can always go deeper into further research, accessing other sites or reading books. The reason I’ll put the link for Wikipedia is for you to have a starting point for your research. Moreover, never forget that, If you still have any specific questions about any of these scientists and their Christian faith, know that we are always on hand in the comments at the end of the text.

It is also important that you know that the list will not be exhaustive, that is, there are still many other Christian scholars who will not be listed here. My goal with these is to put it clear that it is indeed possible to be a scientist and a Christian. For that purpose, I think the list will suffice.

So, let’s list the scientists, according to their areas of ​​expertise and organized in each area by the year of their birth. Let’s see…


Is it possible to be a scientist and a Christian at the same time? – DEFENSE OF FAITH