Rampant Hypocrisy Proves Christianity is False

by Jason Wisdom

If you ask people “what is the number one reason you aren’t a Christian,” the response, “too many hypocrites in the Church,” is sure to be near the top of the list. I have heard/read it more times than I can count: “I could never believe in Christianity because Christians are all a bunch of hypocrites!” Sometimes they will marshal the famous quote from Ghandi, “I like your Christ, but not your Christians.” There it is. Christianity is obviously false. Why? Because Christians suck. But does that make any sense? Let’s look at a few alternate scenarios.

Suppose the doctor told you that you had lung cancer. Would you feel content to ignore his diagnosis if

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you found out he was a smoker? Of course not. Why? Because the fact that he is a smoker doesn’t change whether or not you have cancer.

Or let us suppose for a moment that the atheists have it right, and there is no God. No supernatural realm exists. Would God suddenly spring into existence if atheists began acting like a bunch of arrogant jerks? Of course not. Why? Because the way atheists behave doesn’t change whether or not God exists.

Finally, suppose that no Christians were hypocrites. Would that, by itself, make Christianity true? Of course not…


Rampant Hypocrisy Proves Christianity is False – Because It’s True