The Book Vs. The Library: Can I test the Bible against the Bible?

by Andrew Crigler

What up, Itchers! Today we’re going to take a swing against a thing with some serious swinging-at ability. I hear often that “You can’t used the Bible to prove the Bible.” I hear this even from Christians. I have one, devastatingly clear, poignant, diabolically-pie-like question to anyone who says that:

“Why not?”

I know. Crazy, right? Here’s the thing. I totally get the point. If a book contradicts itself or is otherwise proven incorrect, then we should probably throw it out, right? That’s what I’d do to the Mormon book of Abraham. But here’s the thing: the Bible is not one book. It is a collection of 66 books. In fact the Greek word biblia (from which we derive the word Bible) also means Library. Not only that, but it’s 66 books written over a period over 1,400 years. Not only THAT, but it’s 66 books, written over 1,400 years, by over 40 DIFFERENT AUTHORS. Unlike every most other religions, the Bible didn’t come from a guy who saw stuff in a cave. “Well, of course it has contradictions. There’s tons of time and authors that put all this together.” Well, normally, I’d say that’s right.

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However, the Bible is a 66-booked, 40ish-authored, 1,400-year-time-spanned, library and IT’S INTERNALLY COHERANT. Seriously. I did an 18 part series on Bible contradictions and after dozens of supposed contradictions we found a grand total of zero.

So why can we use the Bible on the Bible?

For the same reason that I can test a book in the library against another book in the library against ALL THE BOOKS IN THE LIBRARY. Each book in the Bible can be taken on it’s own merit and tested against the others…


The Book Vs. The Library: Can I test the Bible against the Bible? | Entertaining Christianity