Consider that at Pentecost, followers of Christ were experiencing a powerful indwelling of the Holy Spirit, but that didn’t convince the Jews to become Christians. They just thought these Christians were a bunch of drunks. It wasn’t until Peter stands up in their midst and gives his first sermon in Acts 2, an apologetic for Jesus, that people come to faith. Peter does more than just preach about receiving the Holy Spirit. He gives them good reasons why they should place their hope in Jesus and trust that what is happening is real…The word to make disciples in Greek does not mean to force people, but instead to convince or persuade them. Now of course, this is not by our strength, our wit or our intelligence, but we co-labour with God to reach people; and in our culture, apologetics is an effective tool towards that end…Is apologetics Biblical? Yes! But perhaps a more important question would be, “Is doing evangelism without apologetics Biblical?”  —Andy Steiger (from, Is Apologetics Biblical?)