Are Christian Students Living Within A Christian Worldview?

by Steven Kozak

Gaining Perspective

Although I have been working with high school students in Christian education for nearly a decade, I am not all that sure that I really have a firm grip on how they see the world. Especially our young Christian kids. Are they really seeing the world through the eyes of Jesus? Do they really understand what a Christian worldview looks like? Which led me to think about countless other questions. What sort of things are they bringing to the conversation that help them form the way in which they see the world? Things like trust, truth, social issues, history and politics. You could even throw in family life, media, morality, etc. Do they believe that the media is impacting them? What about T.V., movies, and music?

How does it compare to what we, as adults are bringing to the table. The world we knew as students is far different than the world they know; with an entirely different set of presuppositions. So then the way we approach teaching these kids to engage the world has to be far different.

What are we up against?

I have long loved the challenge that Bible and Theology teachers face in the world of Christian education: connect students with Christ in both heart and mind. Helping students to appreciate the rewards of rigorous study of the Scriptures, yet to live in the simplicity of loving Jesus and loving one’s neighbor.

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Somewhere along the way my generation (post baby boom, Gen X) and the ones before it allowed Christianity to lose its place in the intellectual community. Colleges all over the world are content on teaching every system of philosophy and morality possible, and yet excluding the most influential and dominate system of beliefs in the history of the world. Christianity has found itself on the outside looking in. The Church has done an excellent job of providing an assurance of salvation, but had not provided her with any intellectual resources to help her defend the impending onslaught of alternative theories and ideologies that are taught in college classrooms. Personal worship? Check. Pretty good moral compass? Check. Hopes of going to heaven someday? Check. A clear understanding of why the gospel is needed in our world, and how to engage our world for the Kingdom of God, hmmmmmm?

If my time spent with students over the years has taught me anything is that, despite how much they love Jesus, a biblical worldview in areas like, social sciences, psychology, politics, history, and a slew of other topics that encompass our world is highly questionable. Instead of a biblical worldview, students have been taught the only alternative worldview entering the discussion. A secular worldview derived largely from naturalism. In our Christian schools we continue to foster this mentality when we assume that each kid somehow automatically has the correct worldview and is somehow always going to see each subject through the eyes of Jesus. Not so much…


Are Christian Students Living Within A Christian Worldview?