Jane Pantig, Apologist by God’s Design

by Sheryl Young

Jane Pantig is Ratio Christi’s chapter leader at San Jose State University in California. The odd thing is, she once had a hard time telling people about her faith in Christ. It’s no wonder – her Bachelor’s Degree is in Biology, a field where God’s design in creation is barely given a thought.

“In fact,” Pantig says, “Our professor tried to encourage the class to go make fun of Christians at an event.” She goes on to explain how she – and her family – found the Lord.

“My family is from a Catholic background. Dad started praying and reading his Bible and going to other churches. I came home from college once to find my family going to a Baptist church. That’s when my dad, brother and mom came to faith in Christ. In 2005, my mom and brother invited me to a youth conference, where I really heard the Gospel for the first time and put my trust in Jesus. That’s how I got hungry to learn more and work with youth.”

With her Biology degree in hand, she had gone to work for an optometrist. But she lost that job and didn’t get into optometry school.
“I began praying, and it all seemed to be a message from God. I wasn’t heartbroken, but I had to start living off unemployment. At the same time, I was seeking out information with which to refute claims against Christ, and I wanted to go to a Ravi Zacharias conference.”

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Pantig asked her church to start praying. “I wrote letters asking for support and baked cupcakes to raise the money. In 2009, when I did get to the conference, I kept hearing about Biola University [and their courses in Apologetics].”

She enrolled and received her M.A. from Biola in 2011. Once graduated, in wondering how to use the degree, she discovered Ratio Christi was looking for volunteer chapter directors.

“I had just graduated and needed to work.” By this time she had another job. “So I didn’t sign up. But soon, I saw a blurb from Ratio Christi again and it said ‘hiring.’ So I thought there’d be some money!” she laughs. “There wasn’t directly, but God moved me to sign up anyway.”

She went to Arkansas to take fundraising training. “I got the feeling, from something one of the speakers said, that leaving your job and committing completely would be necessary to succeed. And that’s when it sunk in… I would have to raise my salary myself.”

Pantig did quit her job, and once again began seeking out financial supporters…


Jane Pantig, Apologist by God’s Design | Ratio Christi