Christian Apologetics Quotes[As a Muslim], I began to try to knock the faith out of people whether they were Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Jews. It didn’t matter to me. But most of the time I was talking to Christians, because they were all around me. And I began to knock the faith out of them or challenge the Bible or challenge their ideas of who God is. And they would have very little response. But there were the occasional, rather annoying Christians who actually did have a response and forced me to think a little bit more heavily! —Abdu Murray (from, Grand Central Question)

Christian Apologetics QuotesWhen well-meaning brothers or sisters in Christ offer the “that’s too intellectual” challenge, first ask them what it means to be “too intellectual.” For most Christians, anytalk of reason or the intellect is too intellectual. Remind them that Jesus commands us to love God with our minds (Matt. 22:37) and that the mind is key to our transformation (Rom. 12:2). Second, point out to them being too intellectual is definitely not the problem for 95% of Christians. Instead, our problem is we have abandoned the intellect altogether. This is clear from the language we use. Finally, warn them that if we don’t change, we will continue to lose 60-70% of our Christian students to the pseudo-intellectuals on their college campus.
—Brett Kunkle (from, Intellectual Faith?)

Christian Apologetics QuotesSome Christians might be put off by the subject of apologetics, saying that Christianity is a matter of faith and not the intellect. Well, yes, it’s a matter of faith in the end, but we Christians are exhorted to love God with all of our minds, to acquire wisdom as described in the book of Proverbs and to always be prepared to give reasons for the faith and hope we have – provided it’s done with gentleness and respect. Contrary to the beliefs of some, faith in Christ is not blind faith and does not require us to suspend our intellectual faculties. —David Limbaugh (from, Why I wrote ‘Jesus on Trial’)

Christian Apologetics QuotesNo rational or reasonable person will conclude that “there is no evidence for God” unless they are truly just ignorant of it. They may be convinced that the evidence is insufficient to warrant belief in God. They may think the evidence can be reinterpreted to lead to another conclusion. But the claim that there is no evidence at all is something only a fool would say or someone who is just flat dishonest or so self important that they won’t call it evidence unless they find it personally persuasive. The height of arrogance is to dismiss outright any evidence in support of a proposition that you don’t want to believe. —Jacob Allee (from, There is No Evidence for God?)

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Christian Apologetics QuotesThe proponents of Scientism hold that “only things that are scientifically verifiable are truly knowable”, is a true and knowable statement. However, that statement is itself unverifiable scientifically. One cannot construct a hypothesis to test for the statement’s veracity. There’s no way to go into a laboratory and run this idea through a battery of tests to see whether it can be falsified. Scientism, by setting a standard that cannot itself meets, undercuts its own existence. It becomes what we call a self-refuting statement. Because it does so, Scientism should rightfully be rejected as illogical. —Lenny Esposito (from, Scientism tries to turn man into a monkey)

Christian Apologetics QuotesIf we ask: ‘Why ought I to be unselfish?’ and you reply ‘Because it is good for society,’ we may then ask, ‘Why should I care what’s good for society except when it happens to pay me personally?’ and then you will have to say, ‘Because you ought to be unselfish’—which simply brings us back to where we started. —CS Lewis

Christian Apologetics QuotesMany believers have an immature understanding of Christianity. There it is. But we don’t need to be afraid to admit it. It isn’t actually a bad thing. It is a reality that will exist as long as Christians do. It is only a problem when we ignore it. We also do not need to plug our ears and pretend that a well-developed Christian worldview will just happen if we circle the wagons and just give it enough time. We need to face these facts head on and start being intentional about discipleship, particularly with young people. If we don’t, we will continue being surprised by how many people (especially 20 and 30 somethings) have “de-conversion testimonies” that reveal an incredibly immature understanding of Christianity.
—Jason Wisdom (from,  Are Christians Afraid to Acknowledge Any Immaturity?)

Christian Apologetics QuotesOur society has abandoned the Christian worldview that participated in its founding, not because science, philosophy, or progress has demonstrated Christianity to be false, but because of the silence of so many. —Ken Mann (from, Christianity in the Public Square)

Christian Apologetics QuotesI fail to understand why church leaders deny the obvious, that under the guise of piety we are failing to teach the next generation to think critically. We build the walls of our churches thicker, put more locks on the door, then send our young out as lambs before wolves, and they are being destroyed before our eyes. I fail to see how our leaders could have missed the clear commands of scripture to put our minds in gear and defend the faith. —Glenn Smith (from, Why Learn Apologetics?)

Christian Apologetics QuotesWe must beware of tying our exposition of Scripture so close to science that the former falls if the latter changes.  On the other hand, we would be very unwise to ignore science through obscurantism or fear, and present to the world an image of Christianity that is anti-intellectual.
—John Lennox (from, Seven Days That Divide the World: The Beginning According to Genesis and Science)

Christian Apologetics QuotesChristian “Case Making” is not simply an approach to Christian apologetics; it’s an approach to Christian living. Christian “Case Makers” refuse to live unexamined lives; they understand the value of rationality and good philosophy. As a result, Christian “Case Making” raises the bar on thoughtful living. God has created us in his image and given us the capacity to live beyond our natural impulses and desires. He’s given us the ability to dream and reason; the ability to exceed our own natural limits. Let’s use what God has given us to make the case for the Christian Worldview.
—J Warner Wallace (from, Eight Steps to Investigating the Case for Christianity)

Christian Apologetics QuotesWhile the Church has focused on making church more enjoyable and easier for seekers to transition into…Atheists and other skeptics have become predators of our weak members. They have intentionally sought to weaken and even destroy the faith of Christians. And it is working. While pastors have been avoiding apologetics because of the excuse of not being able to argue people into the kingdom, ill-equipped Christians are being picked off. It does not matter if you enjoy apologetics. You have to decide what you are going to do. You may be able to love people into the church but you can not love doubt away. You need to do more than fill pews, you need to disciple and equip in such a way that your people will not fall at the first skeptical blog post, documentary or book. —Stephen J. Bedard (from, Dear Pastor…)