The church lives in a different culture than it did 40, 30 or even 20 years ago. No longer can we tell people “The Bible says…” for they do not even accept its validity. In fact when we teach our young people, “Don’t question and just believe,” we are only compounding the problem. This is why different studies show that around 75% of young people raised in the church will fall away from the faith when they go to college. They read books like The God Delusion by Dawkins or God is Not Great by Hitchens. Their professors ridicule their faith and mock God as a jealous vindictive old man who commits many atrocities in the OT. They make claims that the Bible is full of contradictions which leave our students confused and clueless. The problem is that we…have told them that the Bible is true but we have never told them why the Bible is true. [We need] to catch up to the culture and approach it head on. There is no fear on the side of truth; if the Bible is God’s revelation and Jesus really did rise from the dead then we should expect our awesome God to provide us with the evidence we need to advance the Kingdom of God. —Billy Dyer (from, Apologetics; Is It Necessary?)