Tips for Sharing Your Faith: Give them enough rope

by Lenny Esposito

I’ve been gathering several tips for Christians to better share and defend their faith when talking with those who hold to different beliefs. If you’ve missed any of the other posts, you can read them all here.

One of the biggest errors Christians make in faith conversations is they think they are the ones who have to do all of the defending. I’ve heard from so many Christians how they would be talking with a skeptic who would shoot off about four or five objections to the faith, like “how can you really believe a man rose from the dead, ” “How can you know the Bible is from God,” or “What makes you think your interpretation is true?” In many of these situations, the Christian will try to answer every objection thrown at him only to find that the objector has many more waiting in the wings.

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Sometimes objections are simply thrown out as stall tactics, something I will talk about next time. However, more often it’s a signal that the person is desperately trying to hold onto his or her own belief by undercutting yours. But real dialogue doesn’t work that way. I have always held that the reason-giving game goes two ways. If someone wants to know why you think the Christian worldview makes sense, you may answer, but then you have every right to ask them about the problems within their own worldview.

Make sure they know what they’re talking about

Napoleon has been quoted as saying “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” When you begin to ask questions, you may be surprised to find that the skeptic doesn’t know quite as much about his own beliefs as he thinks. As an example, columnist Thomas Sowell tells of a time where he asked the simple question of “what do you mean by that” and it completely unraveled his challenger…


Come Reason’s Apologetics Notes: Tips for Sharing Your Faith: Give them enough rope