What do science and philosophy have to say about the existence of God?

by Tassos Lycurgo

When it comes to the 21st Century debate on science and religion, the answer to the question “Does God exist?” depends upon how one will position oneself in relation to the most profound existential human questions in life. In order to help people to answer these questions, Christian apologists investigate what science and philosophy would have to say about the claims of Christianity.

Keeping this purpose in mind, apologists use the methodology of investigating what science and philosophy have to say about the characteristics of the cause of the universe to compare those with the main characteristics of the Christian God:

  1. atemporal (uncaused),
  2. non-spatial,
  3. immaterial,
  4. all-powerful,
  5. intelligent,
  6. personal (meaning being able to have will), and
  7. good.

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The investigation of what science and philosophy have to say about it is usually done through the three most common apologetic arguments for the existence of God:

  1. Cosmological,
  2. Teleological, and
  3. Axiological.

Cosmological Argument

The conception of an eternal universe lasted from Antiquity to less than one hundred years ago. There was only one book, written in the 14th Century B.C. that had a different conception about the existence of the universe: the book of Genesis.

The idea that this book presented was considered so bizarre, that it was hardly taken seriously by science for at least 33 centuries. The idea was that the universe had not existed forever, but on the contrary – had been created out of nothing.

Creation out of nothing (creation ex nihilo) was a concept that no one was willing to accept, partly because the idea of “nothing” is not to be taken as the absence of form or matter. The idea of “nothing” means the absence of everything, that is, it means that there was no space, no matter, and no time.

Scientists were completely astonished when 20th and 21st century science began to offer evidence…


What do science and philosophy have to say about the existence of God? – DEFENSE OF FAITH