Why Moms Need Apologetics

by Julie Loos

I recently had the privilege of being one of four Ratio Christi women who were asked to speak during the first-ever online women’s apologetics conference! Women Equipping Women was held on Oct. 24 and 25, 2014 and was sponsored by Anthanatos Ministries.

As the Director of Boosters, RC’s grassroots support and promotional network, and a member of Moms in Prayer International, I have a great desire for introducing moms to apologetics so they can better train their children to defend and advance their faith. My passion is to cast a vision through speaking and writing about the need for apologetics and to introduce women to others who specialize in apologetics topics.

Boosters serves as a developmental arm of Ratio Christi and one of our goals is to reach parents. So my topic during Women Equipping Women was “Why Moms Need Apologetics.” The talk laid out the need for apologetics training as a tool in the tool belt of faith-training for our kids.

We get the framework from Jesus to love him with our minds – not just our emotions. The truss that strengthens our faith is the spiritual transformation that Romans 12:2 tells us comes by renewing our minds with right thinking. The walls that support that structure are knowing what we believe and why we believe it, so we can support with good reasons the truth claims of Christianity…


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