Belief in God and Reason

By Mike Robinson

Atheists claim to be people of reason, are they? Nope.

Many atheists and skeptics declare that Christianity is opposed to reason.[1] They tell us that faith is

unreasonable—simply an illusionary, subjective experience. Freud asserted that people of faith are fearful of reason when it scrutinizes religion. He said, “Where questions of religion are concerned, people are guilty of every possible kind of insincerity and intellectual misdemeanor.”[2] I do not doubt that some believers in every generation have been insecure and dishonest about the claims of their religion. But when I have spoken with skeptics, scoffers, atheists, and agnostics, I have found some of them (as well as some Christians too) dissembling and guilty of epistemic felonies, high crimes, and principal offenses. These intellectual outlaws not only despise the scrutiny of reason and revelation, but generally throw mere bombast and then take off as they run when the heat of truth is brought to bear on their worldview. In hundreds of conversations with anti-theists, some would not discuss the truth of worldviews for longer than two minutes. They become quite uncomfortable and want to flee as quickly as possible. Not only do some atheists despise reasoning, they cannot even make reason reasonable. They evidently can be reasonable, but they cannot tell us where reason comes from or why one should be reasonable.

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Some atheists, when asked why reason is useful, will say, “It just is—it helps with our evolutionary survival.” Accordingly, this sort of atheist rests on sightless faith. In like manner, the atheist can count, but he “cannot account for his counting.” He cannot tell you where mathematical verities come from; in his view, they just are. There are a great many other things in life that the skeptic takes for granted and cannot justify. He cannot account for his unchanging personhood, motion, mathematics, morality, or logic. Non-theists are short of ultimate answers for actuality. Unbelievers live in a world that they cannot explain.

Jesus: The Logos and Source of Logic

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God (John 1:1).

Christians are not to be fearful of reason and logic. The apologist R. C. Sproul correctly asserted that “The Christian faith affirms logic not as a law above God but as an aspect built into the Creation which flows from His own character.”[3] Jesus is the great logos, and logic is an element of His being and nature. Christians are ones who can account for reason; reason comes from the nature of God. The true and living God is the God of reason. Reason cannot be held over His head, but is a reflection of His nature, and we must embrace it in submission to His revelation…


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