Christianity on Campus: Time for Our Voice to Be Heard

by Julie Loos

Working for two campus-related ministries and being the mom of a college student, I read a lot of research, hear a lot of reports and am all too aware of how precariously close we are to having the voice of truth, reason and Christianity silenced on campus. It’s time for the body of Christ to speak up. The college campus is key in how the Christian worldview will be heard in the marketplace. And it will take all of us–from campus ministries, to churches and parachurch ministries, to parents and grandparents—to amplify that voice. It’s time for clarity, empowerment and resonance.

Projecting with a Clear Voice—Apologetics Partnerships

You’re probably familiar with the research. (If not, click here.) But the odds aren’t good for our Christian college students to graduate with their faith intact. One glaring reason is intellectual skepticism about their faith fueled by the failure of parents and churches to train them in knowing what they believe, why they believe it and how to defend it–commonly referred to as apologetics. How can we expect students to reach their campus for Christ and change the culture if they can’t confidently articulate their own convictions?

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Whether a student has lost his voice due to skepticism, fear, confusion, or insecurity, there is a way to help. Give students “voice lessons” by partnering with a ministry who exists to serve other campus ministries. Ratio Christi is a student apologetics alliance that teaches how to defend truth and Christianity at the university. RC is seeing a clearer, more winsome voice for Christianity emerge through students who gain confidence and conviction in the reasons for their faith, who are engaging the culture on campus–both fellow students and professors.

We are seeing seekers, atheists, and agnostics visit our meetings and gain a better understanding of Christianity and its valid place in the marketplace of ideas. We are seeing conversions among students. And as the ministry approaches its fourth year, we are seeing graduates who are moving into the marketplace ready to be change agents in the spheres of influence God grants them. Encourage students to explore apologetics, partner with the RC chapter on your campus or, as other campus clubs have done—even atheistic ones–help get one started. Ratio Christi can help students cultivate a commanding voice for Christ, equipping them in conversational, relational, Christian case making.

Campus ministries working together can increase the clarity of the Christian message on campus and cut through the clutter of deceptive philosophies. Campus ministries can voice support for this by partnering–not competing–with one another on campus. Each part of the body of Christ has a role to play, and we function better when we work together.

Dr. Richard Land, president of Southern Evangelical Seminary and former president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, pointed out the important role of apologetics today when he said…


Christianity on Campus–Time for Our Voice to Be Heard | Reaching Campus