Talking with Atheists

by Michael Minot

Few topics are discussed more often between modern day Christians than how to carry out the Great Commission in this ever-changing world. So, considering that I’m a former atheist, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’ve been asked many times to provide suggestions as to how to approach atheists. I tell people that when talking with atheists I keep a few preliminary considerations in mind as well as employ a few specific tactics. In this post I’ll discuss some of the preliminary considerations I’m always thinking about when I talk with someone about the fundamental truths supporting God’s existence. In my next post, I’ll discuss a few specific tactics I use and recommend to others.

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1.) Keep In Mind Where The Atheist Comes From

It’s difficult to put into words how an atheist’s mind works. Generally speaking, however, as with a Christian or those holding any other worldview, atheists see all of life’s issues and circumstances through the lens of their beliefs. All of their thinking, and in fact their entire lives, have been built around the assumption that there is no higher authority than themselves. Science, they believe, tells them this is true.  They also cite the pains of this world, the claims of Christians that miracles have occurred, and the hypocrisy of believers, among many others, to substantiate their claims. Accordingly, skeptics don’t believe the Scriptures are anything more than ancient fictional writings.

2.) The Deep Seeded Prejudices Held By Atheists

Living life with these core beliefs creates a prejudice in the minds of most atheists against those who believe some supernatural being exists and is responsible for everything we see. Believers are viewed as weak thinkers because they’re perceived to reject the fundamental aspects of what atheists believe is proved by science. As a result, most atheists develop a standoff attitude ignoring what believers say…


Talking with Atheists | Michael Minot