The Biggest Mistake For an Apologist

By Stephen Bedard

This is a mistake that you don’t have to be an apologist to make. Every Christian stumbles on this at some point. Whatever your role, never, ever do this:

Do not assume what another person believes.

This happens so often. The Christian thinks they are impressing the person with their knowledge but really they are just shutting down the conversation. Here are some examples of what this looks like.

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A Christian talks to a Mormon and tells them that they are attempting to become a god. The Mormon denies it and the Christian accuses them of being dishonest. What is the mistake here? There are Mormon writers who have taught, “As we are, God once was. As God is, we will one day be.” There are Mormons today who believe that. But not every Mormon believes that and many Mormons do not even know about that doctrine.

A Christian talks to a Muslim and tells them that they agree with terrorists and that they want all non-Muslims killed. The Muslim denies it and argues that they see Jihad as a spiritual struggle. The Christian has read enough books and websites not to believe that. What is the truth? There are Muslims who have a violent vision of Jihad and Muslims who have a spiritual vision of Jihad. Just because a Christian is angry at terrorist attacks and has read from an apologetics website, does not mean they know what a particular Muslim believes.


The Biggest Mistake For an Apologist | Stephen Bedard