Use Your Unique Story And Skills to Affect Change

by Jason Wisdom

Interesting fact about me, I love listening to podcasts of sermons, lectures, and talk radio shows when I am working in the yard. I love learning, and for me it’s like an outdoor classroom. One of my favorites is Greg Koukl’s “Stand to Reason” podcast. A couple of years ago, as I was getting ready to mow the grass, I downloaded the latest STR episode. I cranked up the mower and my iPod, excited to get some work done and learn something at the same time. However, I was surprised when the intro music ended and I heard a stranger’s voice. What happened to Greg? As it turned out, he was out of town that week, and a man named J. Warner Wallace was sitting in for him. Wallace began by sharing a little bit about himself. He said that he had been a cold-case homicide detective for more than three decades. He further explained that he had come to faith in Christ by applying the skills he had developed as a detective to investigating the Gospels. Now he was on the radio sharing his story and using those same skills to train others how to defend the faith. Shortly thereafter, he came on staff with Stand to Reason, devoting even more of his time to sharing his story, and training others from his unique skill set.

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Fast forward a couple of years, and Wallace released a book, aptly titled “Cold Case Christianity,” in which he tells his story and applies his skills to examining the Gospels. I can’t say enough good things about it. But my goal for this space is not to write a book review or biography. Rather, I want to point out an important principle that is clearly seen in the case of J. Warner Wallace (and many others). A principle which, though incredibly simple, has, without exaggeration, changed my life. PRINCIPLE: Use your unique story and skills to affect change for the Kingdom of God.

How has this simple (common sense) principle changed my life? Well, as some of you already know, about 4 years ago I walked away from my life as a professional musician in order to finish school and get a more stable job so that my wife could stay home when our first child, Noah, was born. During the completion of my bachelors degree I fell in love with learning, and developed a particular passion for defending the faith. In fact, I loved it so much that I went on to get a masters, and I am currently working on a doctorate of ministry in apologetics.  For the last 4 years, I have been a Bible teacher at private Christian school. I love teaching. At the same time, I have consistently felt discontent in what I am doing. Part of that has to do with an internal struggle to reconcile what I did for 10 years–dreaming, working, and fighting to make it as a musician–with what I am doing now–teaching and defending the faith–and how, if at all, the two will shape who I do for the rest of my life…


Use Your Unique Story And Skills to Affect Change  – Because It’s True