15 Resolutions for Christian Readers

by Kevin Halloran

Most New Year’s Resolutions fail–and I think I know why.

Some think that the new year comes with magic powers that will automatically zap old ways of doing things and implement the new way. Often this kind of resolution lacks the roots to give it a sturdy and fruitful  composition for when the busyness picks right back up again after the Holiday season.

I’ve made enough resolutions to know simply having one won’t make the difference. Resolutions require intentionality, deep convictions, and the discipline to see them through. Resolutions require changing habits–which can be a challenge.

I have thought long and hard about making some Edwards-esque resolutions as it comes to being more intentional with what I read. The resolutions I share below are not goals for this year, but rather goals for the long haul. If you’re a Christian reader serious about your faith, I hope they serve you well to know Christ and grow in Him.

15 Resolutions for Christian Readers

1. Resolved to make study and meditation on Scripture more important than all other reading.

The first Psalm calls the man who meditates on the Scriptures day and night the blessed man. All reading should be supplement to knowing God through His Word. This should be obvious, but if you enjoy a good Christian book like I do, it is something to constantly keep in mind. Warning: If you miss this first resolution, the remaining fourteen won’t have much value.

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2. Resolved to read more old books that have stood the test of time.

Many new books are printed each year for the first time and are never reprinted, while some books have been reprinted for hundreds of years. The difference? Classic works stand the test of time. I stole this idea from C.S. Lewis:

It is a good rule, after reading a new book, never to allow yourself another new one till you have read an old one in between. C.S. Lewis

(Stay tuned to the blog for an invitation to read Lewis’ The Great Divorce together in early 2015.)

3. Resolved to regularly read biographies (especially Christian biographies).

Biographies have the power to put us in the shoes of a historical person and view life through their eyes. They give us a front row seat to their struggles, sins, relationships, good times, victories and adversity. We can learn more about human existence, brokenness due to the effects of sin, and how the gospel of Christ speaks to each life situation.


15 Resolutions for Christian Readers | Kevin Halloran