An Interview with Brian Auten of Apologetics315

by Chad Gross

Brian Auten, founder of Apologetics315, was kind enough to take some time out to answer a few of our questions about his ministry, how to start an apologetics website and how to get apologetics into the local church.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got interested in apologetics.
I’m an American living in Northern Ireland since 2008. I’m married with three children.

My interest in apologetics came about in two ways. First, from a sort of crisis in my own faith when I began to wonder why we actually trust the Bible as authoritative. This led to study about the origin of the scriptures, their reliability, and also biblical hermeneutics. This was so revitalizing to my Christian walk that it led to a great deal of evangelistic zeal on my part. And this leads to the second reason for interest in apologetics. I saw that anyone I spoke to about Christianity had questions about the existence of God, the Bible, the resurrection, and the problem of evil. Apologetics proved to be something that was essential to evangelism.

So through a personal crisis of faith, then through the need to have answers for others, I began studying apologetics. This became an area which I found fascinating and spiritually helpful. I began to collect a great deal of good apologetics content and started sharing it through the Apologetics 315 blog. Then came the pursuit of a Masters of Arts in apologetics, interviewing top apologists, reviewing books, starting a Reasonable Faith Chapter in Belfast, and doing my own apologetics talks.

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Q: Apologetics315 is one of the top apologetics resources on the internet.  What advice do you have for budding apologists who may be considering starting an apologetics blog or website?

It would be great to see more apologetics related blogs and websites out there.  But I think budding apologists should first be mindful and aware of their level of expertise (or lack of expertise perhaps) and proceed accordingly. The best kinds of blogs for those who are not experts in a particular field that relates to apologetics is to help propagate and draw attention to the resources, video, articles, and audio by those who are the best defenders of the faith out there.

For those who have degrees in fields that relate to apologetics (theology, history, science, biology, religion, etc.) can start blogs based on their expertise and provide both an outlet for their area of training as well as contribute to high quality content that makes a positive and winsome case for Christianity.

For those who have technical skills related to web design, graphic design, video production, journalism, writing, research, administration, illustration, etc., you can assist ministries that are already established. This can be a tremendous help for those apologetics ministries that are needing support and seeking to grow…


Truthbomb Apologetics: An Interview with Brian Auten of Apologetics315