A Letter from Our President

Thank you for your partnership with Ratio Christi. Because of you and friends like you around the nation, we are able to see the Gospel proclaimed in ways that are igniting a movement through apologetics evangelism. Because I want to fan those flames, I am asking our friends to help provide $100,000 to take us into the New Year strong.

Our mission at Ratio Christi is to defend Truth and Christianity, and to equip students with the skills necessary to be confident witnesses/evangelists for Christ. These young apologists are then able to share their faith effectively and are also capable of teaching other faithful men and women to do the same. This is a key component to our training. Thus the circle begins: Learn-Teach-Evangelize. That is why I believe these young people, currently between the ages of 13 and 25, will be those who ignite the flames of the Next Great Awakening. More on this in a minute.

But first, here is just a little of what you have made possible since our launch only 3 and a half years ago, and what we need to build upon for the future!

• Launched chapters on more than 150 university campuses nationwide
• Launched Ratio Christi College Prep—a high school division formed to train adults on how to mentor junior high and high school students in apologetics

• Held our first ever international Ratio Christi Apologetics Academy in the Philippines to help Christians there start their own apologetics movement

• Created hundreds of part-time and full-time positions on university campuses for many well trained apologists

• Developed funding that has grown to over $1 million this year with 100%  of the funds going into ministry—not bricks and mortar

• Packed our annual event with 350 people in attendance this year—up from 70 people in in 2011

• Held the first ever Student Retreat weekend with sessions in Philosophy, Science, New Testament, and General Apologetics

• Joined and were accredited by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability

• Received public endorsements and support from leading Christians including Chuck Colson, Chuck Smith, Josh McDowell, John Lennox, David Limbaugh and many others

• Hired a few critical staff members to offer support to our  incredibly fast-growing field organization

Again, thank you for all you’ve enabled us to accomplish by God’s grace. And because of His blessing, I am excited to do even more!  Would you please consider allowing us to grow and fully support our chapters and missionaries this year? The only way for a grassroots field organization to be healthy is to build out our national team.

To do so, I’m asking you to help us raise $100,000 in January to go strong into 2015. The students we train are proving to be amazing apologists for Christ. They have no fear in sharing their faith on or off campus. In fact, one Jewish student who accepted Christ shared the historical case for the resurrection of Christ with his mother, and she too became a Christian!

But sharing their faith is only part of the goal. They are also learning the importance of teaching others to do the same, leading to an exponential evangelistic movement.

I am praying that within the next 10 years—as our trained apologists (who are now ages 13 through 25) enter the workforce as tomorrow’s engineers, lawyers, journalists, nurses, doctors, and political leaders—that we will see an exponential wave of people motivated by the Spirit and equipped with the tools to share Christ in their spheres of influence…igniting the Next Great Awakening.

Won’t you help us in 2015? Your support (donate online here) can get us to the $100,000 we need to make 2015 our biggest year of increase.

Happy New Year to you and yours,

Rick Schenker, Ratio Christi President and CEO


Originally published here: A Letter from Our President | Ratio Christi