A Christian Look at the Movies

By John Stonestreet

This week people around the globe will be glued to their TVs for the Academy Awards. But how should Christians think about Hollywood and the movies? Should we boycott them? Or should we take them more seriously as cultural barometers? During this week’s broadcast, John Stonestreet welcomes Christian screenwriter and producer Bryan Coley, to discuss how believers can use films to engage the culture for Christ.

It’s the 87th annual Academy Award show this weekend, and as the Chief Creative Officer at Art Within, Bryan Coley thinks it’s a prime opportunity for Christians to reflect on the role film plays in our culture. His organization, Art Within, exists to create methods and movie scripts that are culturally relevant and informed by the biblical worldview. And as a Christian himself, Coley doesn’t just love stories, but knows they’re one of God’s primary modes of revealing himself.

“God loves story…The Bible is a collection of testimonies and stories of how God wants to communicate,” says Coley. “When Jesus came to earth, He spoke in parables.” So why shouldn’t we expect God to use the most prolific factory of stories in history–Hollywood?

Of course, most filmmakers in Hollywood aren’t consciously trying to convey Christian truth. Frequently, they even make claims opposed to Christianity. But Coley maintains that even those films informed by false worldviews tells us a lot about our culture–particularly if they win Academy Awards. And that’s why he thinks this week’s Oscars are such a prime opportunity for Christians to feel the pulse of our culture. These nominations and awards represent the best of the film industry, at least according to the judges…


BreakPoint This Week: A Christian Look at the Movies