Answering Common Objections to Hell

by Chad Gross

I finished Frank Turek’s new book Stealing from God and plan on reviewing it next week.  I have been busy this week preparing for a sermon I’m preaching this coming Sunday.  I highly recommend Turek’s book.  It is the best apologetics book I’ve read since J. Warner Wallace’s Cold Case Christianity!

In the closing chapter of his book, Turek offers some concise answers to common objections about the doctrine of hell that I found helpful:

God tortures people in hell.– No, the Bible never describes hell as “torture.”  Hell is described as a place of “torment,” which is the anguish one experiences being separated from God.  And those in hell have made their choice and do not ask to get out.

Will God send me to hell just because I don’t believe in Jesus?– This is best answered with a question: Do people die just because they don’t go to the doctor?  No, they die because they have a disease.  Likewise, you don’t go to hell merely because you don’t trust in Jesus; you go to hell because you’ve sinned.  Since God is perfectly just, He cannot allow sin to go unpunished.  Jesus paid for everyone’s sins, but not everyone wants to be forgiven.  Hence, hell is necessary.  But it’s not necessary for you.  Just like you may be able to prevent physical death by going to a human physician, you can certainly prevent eternal death by going to the Great Physician- Jesus.  This offer of forgiveness is open to everyone, which means God “sends” you where you’ve chosen to go…


Truthbomb Apologetics: Answering Common Objections to Hell