“New” Atheism: 15 Reasons Why It Is Irrational

by James Bishop


No doubt as Christians, and religious God believing people in general, we have encountered the many (which actually amounts to an insignificant few, although growing, if we tally the numbers over the years) “New” Atheists out there that take great pride in ridiculing and mocking those of faith, or those that proclaim belief in God. This is the subject of this writing so in this article I will briefly outline why I find these people, and their dogmatic ideology repulsive. I will not be arguing against some of their claims in a thorough manner here, that would be the topic for another article and discussion altogether, yet I will briefly touch on some important relevant points, as we will see.

I want to make one point very clear before we begin reading this article. That is that not all atheists are like what you will read below. I have friends that are atheists, they are good people, they are not hateful, and definitely not analogous to much of what we will read in this article. In fact, most atheists are not like what we will be seeing below. That is a heads up, so please bear that in mind while reading.

1) New Atheism is irrational because of the ridicule:

One of the world’s leading New atheist prophets is that of Richard Dawkins. In his recent “Reason” Rally hosted in Washington he calls on his dogmatic worshipers to: “Mock them, ridicule them,” after which he receives cheers and claps. That is his MO, mock the religious. Dawkins even admits his view as such in an interview:

“I am a fairly militant atheist, with a fair degree of active hostility toward religion. I certainly was hostile toward it at school, from the age of about sixteen onwards. I mellowed a bit in my twenties and thirties. But I’m getting more militant again now.”

Dawkins doesn’t really need to tell us that he is “getting more militant again now,” that’s already obvious. But, know this for what it is. This is one of the leading proponents of this worldview inciting hate, and prejudice against those who have different opinions to them. That is intolerance of a high order, that is evidence of a miserable man – you can view the 40 second clip of Dawkins here. In all honesty when I hear or read the words “New Atheism” this video is what comes to mind, this is the brand they are creating for themselves, this is what people will remember. If they are so adamant to get those of religious belief to recant their faith and embrace their militant atheism, why would mocking and the incitement of ridicule favour them? No, people of other beliefs will just further be polarized from people like Dawkins. No-one wins converts by mocking those they are trying to convert!

2) New Atheism is irrational because of the worshiper ridicule:

But, oh, how this has rubbed off on the zealous worshipers. Go to any atheist based website, or just view the comments on a relevant Youtube video. If you are not familiar with this you will be shocked, and rightfully so, at what you will read. To leave out the expletives some names flung about in the direction of the Christian are: “religitard,” “retard,” “stone age thinker,” “ancient superstition,” “backwards,” “blind fool,” “fundamentalist,” and on and on ad infinitum. Most of which I have been called before. Not only do I hold firmer to my belief because of this (Jesus predicted that the world would hate his followers, by the way), but I simply stop engaging with them, and hence write articles instead, nevertheless I am addressing exactly what I think of these people here in this article.

Bear in mind please, that this is something called an “ad hominem” attack. That is when someone, usually devoid of intellect on any given or relevant subject, personally mocks and ridicules his opponent instead of critiquing the position his opponent is holding. At the end of the day such a tactic amounts to nothing but the manifestation of more anti-sentiment between the two parties.

3) New Atheism is irrational because of the intolerance:

I think it is by now, just after seeing those first few points, obvious that the New Atheist, leader and follower alike, are an intolerant bunch, and proud of it. If they had their way they would eradicate religious belief right this instance – that is what Stalin did or tried to do. It is intolerance that led to the gas chambers; it is this intolerance that left 70 million Chinese dead at the hands of the atheistic regime of China. I don’t at all suggest that Dawkins, or Hitchens would endorse the mass killings of religious believers, but such vitriol on their part is what has led to such massacres occurring in human history. Yet, it’s this intolerance that leads to Facebook pages with names such as (editor’s note: warning, expletives ahead)…


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