by Michael Minot

Question: Did the miracles described in the Bible really happen?

My Response: The position skeptics hold is that miracles aren’t possible. They believe the laws of nature are unchangeable and always perform in predictable ways.Because of this skeptics dismiss all of what the Scriptures say, from the beginning to the end, claiming the accounts of these “inconceivable events” taint the entire work.

But most of the hundreds of documented miracles were claimed to be observed by many people. For example, the Bible describes how a man’s walking stick changed into a snake before many witnesses (Exodus 7:10-12). Later, possibly thousands of others witnessed that same stick budding a flower (Numbers 17:1-5). In a different time and place, with many inhabitants inside, the walls of a city fell flat when the attacking army merely gave a great shout (Joshua 2:1-11). On another occasion, after one man died from the heat while standing too close to a fiery pit, three other men, to the amazement of many onlookers, emerged from the middle of the pit unsinged (Daniel 3:19-27).

Some of the more recent miracles documented in Scripture were performed by Jesus—thirty-seven recorded in all.

A review of the biblical accounts of Jesus’ miracles reveals that He almost always performed them in the midst of large crowds or that the results became known to many people. Here’s a few examples.

The first involves the account of the healing of a paralyzed man. The Scriptures claim that Jesus was teaching in one of the houses in Capernaum after returning from healing many people of their various sicknesses and diseases in the surrounding villages. By this time, people from all over Galilee and Judea, including some Pharisees, had come to investigate reports of Jesus’ healing powers. Four men carrying a paralyzed man on a stretcher attempted to reach Jesus. After being unable to reach Him because of the crowds, they carried the man upstairs to the roof of the house where Jesus was teaching and let him down through an opening in the roof. After Jesus healed the paralyzed man, the man stood up, picked up his bed and walked out of the house glorifying God…


Did the miracles described in the Bible really happen? | Michael Minot