Science That Excludes God Is a Faith System of Its Own

By Dr. Alex McFarland

I have come to believe that evolutionists hold a blind zeal for the perceived benefits of a Darwinian view of life

During a recent open-mic Q and A session before a group of high schoolers, I asked a question: “What are some of the most common objections against Christianity that you hear?” Many hands went up and the first young man I called upon responded, “How can you believe in God or Christianity when science has disproven the Bible?”

I asked how many had heard similar questions from their peers, or had even wrestled with the “science vs. God” issue themselves. Dozens of hands went up.

Assumption that science has somehow “refuted God’s existence” is very common. Because teacher’s unions, all public schools, most universities, and much of the media promote a secularized worldview, masses of Americans today assume there is no need to include God in explanation of life’s origin, operation, or purpose. I have counseled hundreds of youth who’ve made a profession of faith, but who experience painful internal struggles over what they know to be true about Christ versus the endless rhetoric against God that they hear in science class.

Over the last few decades a viewpoint many call scientism has overtaken our culture. This perspective assumes that “science” is the final and ultimate test for truth. Public opinions (highly influenced by “scientism”) frequently miss the fact that scientific theories change, and are often proven wrong over time. Further, while specific experiments can give understanding into how things work, the branches of science have no procedures for explaining meaning.

Decades ago, public faith in the infallibility of science led journalist Lewis Cassels to say, “Every age has its superstitions, and ours is the notion that science is an all-sufficient guide to truth.”* This faith position is nowhere more prominent than in America’s grade school through graduate level science classrooms…


Science That Excludes God Is a Faith System of Its Own