Tony Gurule: Ratio Christi’s  National Force in California’s Central Valley

by Sheryl Young

Tony Gurule (pronounced Ger-lay’) is Ratio Christi’s Social Media, IT and HR Support Specialist and Assistant to the National Director of Chapter Formation. Yes, it’s a mouthful of a title and he sounds pretty busy, but wait until you see all of the activities Gurule ventures into for the Kingdom on behalf of RC and in addition to his work with us. With a heart for the Lord as big as his schedule, we wanted our readers to meet him!

For Ratio Christi, Gurule currently has 19 public events planned and more meetings with pastors coming up in his area of Fresno, California. Some of these events are Ratio Christi introduction presentations for churches, Christian organizations, and at pastors’ breakfasts. He will be connecting with people in churches who may be schoolteachers or professors and who may wish to help get Ratio Christi set up, having face-to-face fundraising meetings, and also speaking with church mission boards for his own support as a missionary and on-call apologist for RC.

“It’s become urgent for me,” he explains. Within California’s Central Valley including Fresno, Bakersfield and Modesto, there are more than 25 colleges with no Ratio Christi chapters and over 60 untapped high schools. As the lone person on RC’s national staff in my area, I’ve recently talked with 30 or more pastors all around the Valley, telling them about Ratio Christi with the goal of starting chapters in every school. I’m also active as a community apologist with parents and other adults, and I do training sessions for both youth and adults in churches, homes and other venues.”

Gurule also loves doing door-to-door evangelism and has a unique survey approach in leading visiting teams. “We ask questions, swinging from topics in the natural realm to the spiritual. People like answering questions. I have had up to 45-minute conversations with people at their front door. We then leave the survey with them, which includes Bible references.

Going door-to-door, people sometimes ask their own questions and we get many chances to share the gospel and apologetics with those who may never walk into a church or who don’t know any Christians. To be a missionary, you don’t need to cross the sea. You only need to see the cross.”

Q: Do you have any favorite results that happened from one of these visits?

A: Several weeks ago, I was going door-to-door with two ladies from my church. We knocked on a door where someone was house-sitting for his sister. It turned out to be a man I had already met when he had a table next to me at our city’s interfaith/intercultural event. Fresno has had this for the last four to five years.

This man who answered the door, whom I’d met before, was the Imam of the local mosque…


Tony Gurule: Ratio Christi’s  National Force in California’s Central Valley | Ratio Christi