B.O.M.B. Book Review- Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity by Nabeel Qureshi

by Chad Gross

B- Background

Nabeel Qureshi is a speaker and author with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. He holds an MD from Eastern Virginia Medical School, an MA in Christian Apologetics from Biola University, and an MA in religion from Duke University.

O- Overview

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus is Nabeel Qureshi’s story of how he went from being a devout Muslim to a follower of Jesus Christ.

Qureshi begins by walking the reader through what it was like to grow up as a Muslim and the struggles that come along with it.  One of the many strengths of the book is that the reader immediately connects with Nabeel and his family on a personal level.  With all the fear surrounding Muslims in this day and age, [1] the family Nabeel grew up in was a tender one and their love is apparent and makes his story all the more gripping.  As Qureshi struggles to find answers to his questions about his dearly held Muslim faith, more than ever this reader understood and appreciated the impact of making the decision to follow Jesus can have on the individual Muslim and his loved ones.

As the author begins defending his Muslim convictions and investigating the truthfulness of the Christian worldview, we see the impact both uninformed and informed Christians can have on the unbeliever.  Moreover, the author goes to great lengths in detailing his investigation and the key stages of his journey.  This makes the book a compelling read that is difficult to put down!

M- Main Arguments

Throughout the book the reader is treated to a thorough education of Islam and the various sects therein.  This reviewer was also surprised to learn the difference between Eastern Muslim thought and Western thought when it comes to the issue of authority.  As Qureshi writes:
“People from Eastern Islamic cultures generally assess truth through lines of authority, not individual reasoning.  Of course, individuals do engage in critical reasoning in the East, but on average, it is relatively less valued and less prevalent than in the West.  Leaders have done the critical reasoning, and leaders know best.  Receiving input from multiple sources and then critically examining the data to distill a truth is an exercise for specialists, not the common man.” [p. 79]

This proved to be a hurdle that the author had to jump before he was able to properly investigate the questions of Jesus’ deity and the historicity of His resurrection from the dead.  This reviewer was very impressed with the author’s ability to effortlessly weave issues of historical methodology and philosophical argumentation, such as inference to the best explanation, into his personal narrative…


B.O.M.B. Book Review- Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Mulsim Encounters Chrisitanity