God’s Cure For Man’s Doubt

by Billy Dyer

Have you ever taken a wrong turn in the city and then found yourself in a really bad part of town? We have all been there sometime or another. One moment we are looking at nice restaurants and some cool shops then then next we see certain establishments which make us cringe.

What is the first thing we generally do in this moment? Lock our doors!!! Then we all abide by the unwritten rule of “being lost in a bad part of town”; Never, and I mean never, make eye contact with anyone. For eye contact says, “Please come mug me right now”. We also don’t make eye contact because we do not want to see what is around us, “Out of sight, out of mind”.

Many go through life just like this. They do not want to think about all that is around them because it forces them to ponder the greatest questions of life: Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going? When we ask these questions doubt creeps into our mind. Even as a Christian I would be remiss if I did not admit that I doubted God’s existence a time or two. When I wake up on some Sunday mornings I ask myself, “Do I really believe what I am about to preach to this congregation?”

Haven’t you ever been there? You read the Bible yet it seems like a bunch of fables and your prayers feel as if they are bouncing off the ceiling. We wonder how a just God could allow people like the Westboro Baptist to claim His name. We question why a loving God would permit the slaughter of many innocent people.

Let me just saying it is natural to doubt. In fact, if you haven’t doubted then you simply aren’t thinking. Often we think of the Apostles as stained-glass-saints. There they are with their halos and perfect adornment. We rarely think of them as “doubters”. Sure Thomas doubted that once but then he came to believe. Maybe you haven’t considered that the disciples actually had great doubts about Jesus!!

The setting is the Upper Room. The time is right after the crucifixion. Jesus’ corpse has been buried and the hope of his disciples have been buried with him. There sit the disciples, huddled together like a bunch of scaredy cats, unable to stand because their backbones are the consistency of jello. Luke 24:11 tells us that when the women reported having seen Jesus alive from the dead that, “But these words appeared to them as nonsense, and they would not believe them.” I said it was natural and even legitimate to doubt for even the disciples doubted.

The setting changed from the Upper Room to the road leading to Emmaus. Two disciples are walking along together recounting the episode of Jesus’ death/burial and their dashed hopes. When suddenly Jesus, disguised to them, appears and asked them what they were speaking about…


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