How Much is Enough?

by John Mays

There was a Facebook post recently concerning the interest, or lack thereof, in apologetics. I was surprised by how many of my peers actually experience the same type frustrations and loneliness that I often feel myself. It seems many, if not most of us, involved in apologetics, face similar hurdles regardless of where we live, or the education level of those we are attempting to engage. I use education as an example because one of the many excuses against apologetics is that it is only for intellectuals, (their words not mine). Anyway, I often wonder how much is enough? Let me explain…

Did you know, or realize, that many “Christians” as well as the secular world know nothing, or very little, about the age of the earth, Calvinism, Arminianism, Molinism, facts concerning the resurrection of Christ, where the Bible came from, God, or the origin of life? I know a shocking revelation huh? But seriously, the point is not how much others may know, but how much is enough? As apologists, we spend the majority of our time attempting to educate the follower, (make disciples), as we do reaching the lost. The frustration and loneliness comes from the followers we are attempting to disciple, as the lost t are amazed to know Christianity is actually true, or at least has facts, evidence and reason that seem to point to Truth. Thus the question, how much is enough?

You see, the Bible plainly tells us we are saved by faith through grace. Yes, it also states to have an answer for the hope we have, and to love God with all of our heart, soul and mind. So if the follower of Christ is content with their answer being faith, well, how much is enough? Please do not misunderstand what I am attempting to express. I fully believe, anyone professing to be a follower needs to know more than the standard “faith” answer. We, apologists, call that “Blind Faith” and feel it is not Biblical. To us, it also gives the impression those satisfied, or appearing to be, with the “faith” answer, are not sharing the gospel with others. If they were it would seem somebody, somewhere, along the way would have questions. It is not common to tell someone they should accept Christ as their Lord and Savior and them to say “well, ya know, I have never considered that, count me in!” But in reality, how much is enough?


How Much is Enough? | Ratio Christi