What to Do Now that I’m Convinced?

Question: I am a physician (pulmonology) and, until recently, a lifelong atheist, although one who saw great non-religious value in Judeo-Christian culture and civilization. I became increasingly convinced by the moral arguments that atheism could not lead to a society with moral values and thus by the moral arguments for God. Your site, and debates and your Reasonable Faith book, along with CS Lewis and other reading, now have me convinced in at least the likelihood of Christianity.

My question is what are the next best steps for someone who has taken this rarer intellectual path towards Christianity? As someone who never attended Church, who has no preferred denomination or family tradition, it is a bit hard to know where to begin. Any advice would be welcomed. Thank you very much for your incredibly useful site and work and the clarity of thinking behind it.

Dr. Craig’s Answer: Such an encouragement to receive your letter, Mark! I’m so glad that you thought through the implications of the human predicament and the moral argument for the existence of God.

So let’s assume that Christianity is likely to be true. What should you do next? Several things come to mind:

1. First and foremost, make a personal commitment to trust Christ as your Savior and Lord. It’s one thing—a vital part of being a Christian—to give intellectual assent to the truth claims or doctrines of Christianity, but it’s not the whole thing. Intellectual assent now needs to be followed up by trust. Trusting Christ as Savior means trusting God to forgive your sins solely on the basis of Christ’s sacrificial death. It means that we are not trusting in any way in our good works to save us or make us acceptable to God. Salvation is by grace alone. There’s nothing we can do to earn God’s pardon; we can only humbly and gratefully receive it. Trusting Christ as Lord means that you are giving your whole life to Christ to follow and obey him. Trusting in Christ is not just some sort of fire insurance. It is a commitment of all that you are and have to him. This is no more than his due, for he is God incarnate, and God alone is worthy of worship…


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