WANTED: Christians Thinkers! Why we need to “think” more than ever

by Lisa Quintana

This kind of propaganda against religion is one we constantly face today.

So many Christians I know are too comfortable in their sphere of knowledge, and unfortunately, that sphere is getting too small. If we are to fulfill the great commission, we’ve got to learn more about our faith, especially in today’s culture. Now, in Western culture (all cultures that are directly influenced by Europe from the Americas to Australia to South Africa, etc.), ideas are spreading that God is a moral monster, that science has disproven God, that evil makes God’s existence unlikely, and that there are many paths to God.

I used to be one of the average Christians who didn’t know how to answer these harsh claims, or defend the accusations mounted against Christianity. I got tired of saying, “I am not sure, but you just need to believe!” Simply because I had the gift of faith didn’t mean others did. That’s why I am currently earning a Master’s degree in Apologetics. I feel called by God to help Christians realize that we need to regroup. We need to train ourselves in the area of right thinking.

Too many of us are guided by mere feelings, which is not entirely wrong, but feelings alone are not enough. Famous Greek Philosopher, Aristotle, recognized way back in 350 BC, that human beings are rational animals. So, being driven by emotions in this entertainment-saturated culture—with mindless sensual experiences—we’re actually betraying our God-given identity! We’re created in His image, and that includes both feelings and intellect.

Christ regularly challenged the thinking in His time, aimed primarily at assumptions of religious leaders (Pharisees), but also at His followers…


Think Divinely – WANTED: Christians Thinkers! Why we need to “think” more than ever