When Obvious Proof is Purposely Missed: The Willful Blindness of Atheists

by Mike Robinson

Do you believe? There’s plenty of evidence for God

It is the 21st century. The New Atheists have been on a decade’s long rampage. Christian philosophy and apologetics are growing faster than ever. And still, most atheists have no idea what a reasoned “argument” is.*

Many atheists incessantly assert that there is no proof for the existence of God. Christians offer numerous and diverse proofs for God’s existence. The theists stack up the evidence for God’s existence. Then the atheists claim that no one offered them any evidence or proof—but when history remembers this period, it will be for the time the New Atheists communally ignored the massive proof apologists and philosophers have offered for God’s existence–as the theists win a plethora of public debates while the dazed atheists come away thinking: “Sweet Sassy Molassy!”

So, the New Atheists face an enormous crisis now. Yes, they love quarrels; it gets books sold and website views. After each time William Lane Craig thrashes another atheist in a debate, all the e-Atheists will whine and say they could have beat Craig, he offers no real proof for God. But that is part of the problem. They cannot admit that atheism gets hammered time and again even though Christians win debate after debate. Theists are successful because there is so much evidence—there’s enormous proof for God’s existence. For atheism, there are more than a few problems there.

The first is that atheists know God exists (Romans 1). The second, most general problem, since God is the God of truth, there’s proof and evidence everywhere for God and the Bible—it’s inescapable. This leads to some wild charges—the insults and name calling spill out of the atheists’ mouths because they are frustrated and feel beat down. It’s not easy being an intellectual failure. It’s not easy defending a position that lacks proof, loses debate after debate, and has to face the massive wall of evidence for God’s existence.

It’s not easy being the Wiley Coyote of philosophy…


When Obvious Proof is Purposely Missed: The Willful Blindness of Atheists | Innovative Apologetics