You Can’t Prove Jesus

by Kevin A. Thompson

“You can’t prove it,” he said.

I didn’t disagree with his statement. We were having a political discussion and he was irritated at my interjection of a Biblical belief into what he thought should be a secular discussion. He couldn’t understand why I would “waste” (his word) so much of my life on something you couldn’t prove.

It’s a fair question, especially coming from someone who chooses not to believe.

The Christian faith is not something you can prove. There is no single fact I can give you or picture I can paint or story I could tell which would forever prove the truthfulness of the gospel story.

This unproven quality is so real that Christianity would actually claim doubt is part of the story. Without some element of doubt, faith may not be possible.

The story that God saves sinners is such good news that grace almost creates doubt because it simply doesn’t seem real. (See: What I Mean When I Say ‘You Are a Sinner’)

Many people I know are close to becoming followers of Jesus, but they are waiting for one more piece of information which will finally prove faith. Sadly, they will wait forever because the final piece of proof will not be given.

My friend was right, “You can’t prove it.”

But he was also wrong.

Like many, he had come to the conclusion that since Christianity cannot be fully proven, it can be ignored. Why waste time considering the possibility of God if his existence can’t be proven? He has quickly brushed away Jesus, the Bible, and the church, especially the church, assuming it is all a waste of time.

He has made a dangerous mistake.

While Christians have to admit Christianity cannot be fully proven, others must admit it is undeniable that Jesus was born, that he lived, he died, and then something happened…


You Can’t Prove Jesus – Kevin A. Thompson