4 Reasons the Internet May Influence Your Kids’ Faith More Than You

By Natasha Crain

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A couple of years ago, the Fixed Point Foundation launched a nationwide campaign to interview college students who are members of Secular Student Alliances or Freethought Societies. These groups are basically the atheist equivalents to Christian clubs. They meet regularly, encourage one another, and even proselytize.

The Foundation found that most of these students had not chosen their worldview from neutral positions, but in reaction to Christianity. They had grown up attending church and had heard all the “traditional” church messages.

But something completely shifted their view of reality.

The researchers wanted to find out what factors had so much influence in that shift. Here’s what they discovered:

“When our participants were asked to cite key influences in their conversion to atheism—people, books, seminars, etc.—we expected to hear frequent references to the names of the ‘New Atheists’ [well-known atheist authors like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens]. We did not. Not once. Instead, we heard vague references to videos they had watched on YouTube or website forums.”


Website forums.

These were the things that ultimately had more influence on these students’ faith than the years they spent in their Christian homes and at church.

That should sound pretty ludicrous. But, having encountered a lot of atheist content online (in YouTube videos, forums, blogs, and more), I can absolutely see why.

Here are four reasons why the internet may influence your kids’ faith more than you…and what you can do about it…


4 Reasons the Internet May Influence Your Kids’ Faith More Than You


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