7 Reasons Why I Believe Jesus Rose from the Dead

by Rachel Marron

Easter is the most important holiday for Christians because without the resurrection, Jesus would just be a dead liar or a crazy man who thought he was God. However, if Jesus actually rose from the dead from the dead, then Easter actually marks the most important event in human history.

‘Did Jesus of Nazareth rise from the dead?’ is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself, and it is one that should not be answered lightly. Do you know why you believe what you believe? Is it because it’s ‘how you were raised’ or ‘because miracles can’t happen’?

Here are seven reasons why I believe Jesus physically rose from the dead:

1. Prophecy Technically, prophecy is not evidence that Jesus resurrected, but I find it too amazing to neglect considering so much Biblical prophecy surrounds the death of the Jewish Messiah or ‘Anointed One’. Chances are if you attend an Easter service, you will hear some of these read, but rarely do pastors highlight when these prophecies were given.

Written during the Jewish exile in Babylon around 550-600 BC, the book of Daniel claimed the ‘Anointed One’ would arrive 434 years after the destroyed Jerusalem had been reconstruction and that then he would then be abruptly be cut off. Reconstruction of the city began decades later and finished around 408 BC. Interestingly, this meant the Messiah would arrive around 27 AD or about the time Jesus began his public ministry (Daniel 9:25-26).

Written around 700 BC, Isaiah detailed the Messiah would be silent at his trial (Isaiah 53:7), would die with criminals (53:12), and yet would be buried among the rich (53:9). All of these describe Jesus’ trial, execution, and burial.

Maybe you’ve heard that Jesus quoted Psalm 22 when he cried to God, ‘why have you forsaken me.’ But you may not realize that Psalm vividly describes his crucifixion scene about 1000 years before Jesus was even born…


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