A Millennial Conversation: Five Questions I’ve Most Encountered

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Conviction and conversation are not mutually exclusive. In fact, the passion we possess for our beliefs should encourage more lucid discussions. That leads to the great need of our time for sustained amicable dialogue and, as with most situations, there are two sides to that conversational coin.

A Word to the Open-minded…

Christianity certainly needs to do a better job of addressing great questions. Perhaps you have questioned the goodness of God, the hypocrisy of the church, the authority of the Bible, the practices and principles of Christians, and the relevance of faith to life. If so, we have a lot in common. Be assured that your questions are legitimate, shared by others, and important in this healthy conversation. Admittedly, my perspective is biased, but so is every perspective; therefore, introspection and thoughtful engagement are essential.

A Word to Well-Meaning Christians…

There is no shortage of explanations as to why people ages 18-30 are leaving churches and Orthodox Christianity in America. The finger-pointing goes back and forth from liberals and conservatives, elder Christians and younger Christians, traditional and contemporary approaches, and countless other factors. However, genuine interaction is needed more than finger pointing. As Tim Keller says, “settled and assured belief—to any of the big questions of life—is a process.” That leads to five great questions…


A Millennial Conversation: Five Questions I’ve Most Encountered | Theology Mix


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