Atheism on the Rise? Growth of Disbelief Signals Danger for America

By Alex McFarland

A new study by the Barna Group has found that atheism and agnosticism are being embraced by a growing percentage of young people. According to the study, “2015 State of Atheism in America” 20 years ago, 18 percent of skeptics were under the age of 30; today, the percentage is nearly double that, at 34 percent.

The numbers are disturbing but not surprising.

In the past several decades, we’ve seen the rise of militant secularism in America. This belief system says that if you are a Christian who believes in the authority of Scripture and in absolute morals, you are intolerant, and your beliefs are not acceptable in society. We’ve seen this secularism take hold in our schools, our entertainment, our culture, our politics and even our churches. And one of the results has been a steep increase in the number of young people who reject God.

Indeed, a separate Barna study found younger generations are increasingly less likely to believe that Jesus was God. Among millennials, only 48 percent believe in the divinity of Jesus, while 35 percent believe he was simply a religious or spiritual leader and 17 percent are unsure.

Tragically, many churches have neglected their call to uphold biblical truth in the face of secularist aggression, instead diluting their messages in response to cultural pressures…


Atheism on the Rise? Growth of Disbelief Signals Danger for America | CNS News