Die For a Lie? Resurrection Apologetics

by Donnie Griffin

People die everyday. Some of them die from natural causes. Some deaths are accidents. Others though, are on purpose. Those people that die on purpose usually die for a purpose.

In this day and time, we’ve become accustom to people dying on purpose. We see it on the news daily. With the Islamic war on the West encroaching on us, we see daily reports of suicide bombers, hijackings, and other self-sacrificial style deaths. Dying on purpose has become old hat.

Unfortunately, because Islam is considered a religion, and many people are familiar with the reason that Muhammadans actually commit suicide, martyrdom has been marginalized. Any and all religious self-sacrifice has been labeled fanatical. The kind of mindset that would drive someone to die for his or her faith is now considered insanity.

I’d like to be the first to say (other than Paul) that this may be true for the Apostles who died on purpose almost 2000 years ago. That’s only on one condition. They were insane if and only if they died for a lie. Let me explain.

As I said earlier, many people die on purpose for a number of reasons. Here are some.

People die for ideals.

During the American Revolution only about one third of the Colonials who lived on the American continent were pro-rebellion. Another third were Tories and the last were uncommitted. The leaders of the Colonial rebellion against King George and his English rule were well aware of the consequences of their rebellion. If captured, they would surely die. Many of them did…


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