Every Idea Has Consequences

by Alan Shelmon

Do you know someone who thinks legalizing same-sex marriage won’t change anything? Here’s how to help them understand: Buy them a flight to Canada. Why? Since same-sex marriage has been legal there for a decade, they’ll see, firsthand, how it’s changed the culture.

I got a taste of that change last month when I spent 10 days teaching in the province of Alberta. During my trip, I gave 24 presentations in 6 days, traveling approximately 700 miles. I spoke at churches and schools, to students and adults, and through sermons, lectures, and conference sessions. I delivered the keynote at a fundraiser for a Christian school and was also interviewed on a national call-in television show on the topic of homosexuality. It was the busiest week of my career.

I also got to experience how the legalization of same-sex marriage has impacted the freedoms of Canadian Christians. It turns out many believers are intimidated to express their faith in public. There are three examples that come to mind.

While teaching students at a Christian school tactics in sharing their convictions, I asked them to give me examples of challenges they face when sharing their faith. Everyone was silent. I asked again, reminding them I’m a friend who’s here to help them. Still nothing. “I guess I don’t really do that,” blurted out one student. That was the typical response I got in most classes…


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