Talking Points with Dr. Everett Piper: Lord Save Us

by Dr. Everett Piper

A handful of years ago I was invited to fly to Hollywood to be part of panel to critique the premiere of the film, “Lord Save Us From Your Followers.” Other panelists included Michael Levine, founder and president of Levine Communications, William Lobdell, former Los Angeles Times religion reporter and author of “Losing My Religion,” and the film’s producer, Emmy-award-winner Dan Merchant. I was the odd-man-out on the panel: a token conservative from Oklahoma to sit in juxtaposition to the smarter and more enlightened secularists of Tinseltown.

The nature of Merchant’s movie was simple. It was a “man-on-the-street” expose’ portraying orthodox Christianity as ill-informed and intolerant; an unsophisticated belief system that is a threat to pluralism and civil discourse: a public opprobrium, if you will, comprised of followers who should be saying nothing in the public square other than, they are sorry for the judgmental spirit they impose on a libertine culture and free society.

After the several hundred guests who were invited to this premier and I viewed the movie, the panelists took the stage. The moderator immediately turned and asked me the first question: “Dr. Piper, what did you think of the movie?” My response caught him and the rest of the panel off guard a bit. While, I said I had to admit I was saddened by the thoughtless, angry people featured in the movie, I also found myself strangely amused by the obvious: The indignation that this documentary sought to kindle had no meaning if there was no objective measuring rod of righteousness to contextualize the offense…


Talking Points with President Piper: Lord Save Us – Oklahoma Wesleyan University